Benzema: This will Be my Last Club

Benzema: This will Be my Last Club


Karim Benzema is happy living in the Spanish capital and he can smile because he can enjoy the sunshine until 2021. Real Madrid announced the extension of his contract this week and today the forward spoke in press conference with the media after the shocking defeat against Betis.

The player doesn’t know why this is happening but he’s confident yet: “The start is not very good, but this happens in all big clubs. It’s only the beginning, I trust my team and the most important thing is to be united. Last year we won a lot of title and we are Real Madrid. We are going to fix it”.

Benzema is one of the players with more experience in the team and he’s already thinking in retiring in the club: “I like Real Madrid football and I want to retire here because there is no other club like Real Madrid. This will be my last club, I know feel very well”.

However, the French striker struggled at the beginning because it was the worst moment for him: “It was the first year because I was 21 years old when I arrived and I didn’t know anything, so the adaptation was bad. Football was not enough. I cannot tell you the best moment, but for me it’s good when you win titles like the last year”.

Benzema is always criticized because he misses a lot of chances: “It’s part of the life and it allows me to give everything. I know how it is, I know that there is a lot of criticism in this club. I’m here to work and when the people criticize me it’s because they expect more things from me. I’m going to work more for this”.

The French striker was asked if he has a problem scoring goals: “Depends on how you see football. For me, a striker is not only goal, you have to participate in the game, open spaces… We talk about football, not only goals. I understand that people criticize me because I don’t score more goals, but I watch more the football. I always think in the team, it’s more important than the player. I work a lot in front of the goal to score more, but a striker needs to have more things…”, Benzema analyzed.