Carlo Ancelotti: Winning La Liga is getting complicated

Carlo Ancelotti: Winning La Liga is getting complicated


Carlo Ancelotti took responsibility for Real Madrid’s loss against Athletic Bilbao and confessed it is “getting complicated” to win La Liga.

“I’ve got great responsibility for this loss. Other coaches would say that is not their team when they play badly, but I do claim it’s my team. I’m not going to let them down. La Liga title is getting complicated but we are going to fight,” the Italian claimed.

“It was a levelled game. Athletic defended well, tightly closed, and it was good for them. It wasn’t a defensive problem for us, but a problem in attack. We have just scored one goal in the last two games. We’re lacking efficiency,” Ancelotti added.

The Los Blancos manager admitted the team “needs another way of attacking, playing faster, with shorter possessions.” “What we’re doing now in attack is a bit confusing,” he said.

Asked about the players’ physical fitness, Ancelotti said “it’s not a physical problem, we’ve been good in that aspect.”

“Regarding motivation and the mood in the squad everything is under control. I think the team is focussed and united, but we need to fix the mistakes we’re making. We have scored plenty of goals this season, but the truth is we have to play better in attack,” he concluded.