CONFIRMED: Real Madrid will bring back Morata from Juventus

CONFIRMED: Real Madrid will bring back Morata from Juventus


Álvaro Morata won’t play in Juventus next year. This is the only fact about the striker’s future. Juventus managing director, Giuseppe Marotta, has confirmed that Real Madrid will buy back Morata this summer.

“Real Madrid told us their intention to buy Morata back and in a few days we should solve the paperwork”, Marotta said today according to the Italian media. Despite these words, Morata’s future is still uncertain because Real Madrid have to decide whether to keep him or sell him to a British club.

‘Los Blancos’ included a clause in Morata’s contract when he was sold to Juventus that Real Madrid could buy back Morata in 2016 for 30M€. After his good performance in the two seasons he stayed in Italy and now after shining in the Euro, Real Madrid have decided to execute this clause.

Now, Zinedine Zidane and the board should think about keeping Morata or cashing some money for the striker. Reporters say that his value in the market is now up to 75M€, so it could be a good way to put money in the safe for Real Madrid.

On the other hand, the club needs another striker in the squad. Jesé Rodríguez could leave the club after a poor season and a fourth attacker is needed. It’s a difficult piece to find because Benzema, Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo will still play in the front line and the team needs a footballer whose role could be stay on the bench in a lot of games.

Is Morata this kind of player? He showed in Juventus he could stay on the bench and play the second halfs or important games. This season, for instance, Dybala and Mandzukic played ahead of him most of the season but he added some quality to the attack line when needed.