Football Betting Strategies

Football Betting Strategies


When you bet on football you should know that there are several strategies which can be quite useful. And just like playing poker with no deposit, it would cost you nothing to try out how these might work out for you. At the end of the day you’ve got nothing to lose and if they help you win some easy money then all the better for you.

Bet on Teams on a Run

Whether it is winning or losing runs it is always better to bet on teams which are on some sort of runs. When Chelsea won against Hull in October, they started a winning run of 13 games. Each next win created a stronger momentum for the Blues and betting enthusiasts profited from backing Conte’s side in each of those matches.

Likewise, when Inter Milan defeated Genoa, a lot of people realized that the Nerazzurri had an easy schedule in the next four games and put a lot of money on Stefano Pioli’s side. This paid them dividends when teams such as Udinese, Chievo, Palermo and Pescara were easily defeated.
However, betting aficionados must be aware that even the longest of runs can be stopped when a worthy adversary stands in their way as it was the case when Inter Milan’s lost to Juventus.

Check Goal Scoring / Goal Conceding Stats

Betting on Over and Under goals is one of the most popular types of football betting. This is because you don’t have the pressure of backing the winner of a match and just focus on the goals scored / conceded aspect.

This is especially true when betting on Over 2.5 goals. In these situations betting enthusiasts can just sit back, watch the game and wait for the goals to start pouring down. They don’t care which teams score the goals and just enjoy the most beautiful aspect of the game.

One key strategy for this type of betting is the number of goals conceded and scored for each team. If a team scores a lot of goals in every game, it is much more likely that they will continue this trend in future games as well.

In addition, if a team concedes tons of goals in every match they play, then it is that much more likely that betting on Over 2.5 goals will again be the winning bet.
There is one downside to using this strategy though, and that is the fact that odds are bound to be much lower for teams who have already shown that they can score or concede a lot of goals in a game.

Playing It Safe

Betting on teams such as Juventus, Real Madrid or Barcelona to win is usually considered as not being adventurous enough when betting. However, teams such as these are nailed on to end up as winners in most matches.

The odds you will get might not be the highest in the betting offer, but you will at least rest assured that your bet is safer than Fort Knox. This strategy is especially useful for high rollers.