Keylor Navas: I’m going to write a beautiful story at Real Madrid

Keylor Navas: I’m going to write a beautiful story at Real Madrid


Keylor Navas is been one of the most important players for Real Madrid this season. It was his first season as the main goalkeeper after Casillas’ farewell. All the eyes were put on him but the goalkeeper has dealt with the pressure and played at a very high level.

Now, he is recovering for a surgery and he doesn’t know when he will be ready to train again. Instead of spending his holidays in Costa Rica, he’s in Madrid working with the fisiotherapist to improve his physical conditions.

The Spanish newspaper Marca has interviewed him and Keylor Navas has spoken about Casillas: “Casillas is an excellent goalkeeper and has got an amazing career at Real Madrid. You have to be respectful and admire his job, but when the season started it was me being there, it was my opportunity and the moment to write history. I’m going to try to write a beautiful story here so people can remember me as a great footballer and as a good person”

Navas also spoke about his great year at Bernabeu: “It’s amazing everything that has happened to me this year. For me, going out to the stadium, play, people cheering up my name…. See all the love from my team mates, the trust the managers had on me.. All these things are a prize for all my effort because I know nobody has given me anything for free. I fought everyday to stay here. Finally, God gave me the opportunity to enjoy all these things and it’s been a great satisfaction”.

Keylor Navas was about to leave Real Madrid on the 31st of August and De Gea was going to be signed by Real Madrid. However, the paperwork didn’t work and he had to stay at Madrid: “When a thing like that happen, it’s not nice. But I’m not the kind of person that look always back and I’m not resentful with anybody. I saw it as an opportunity that God gave me to accomplish my dream: playing at Real Madrid and winning titles. As the time went on I started to enjoy everything I was living, the games in La Liga, Champions League. I’m very thankful to everybody who helped me to be there”.