Keylor Navas: We are Working Hard to Start the Season at 100%

Keylor Navas: We are Working Hard to Start the Season at 100%


Keylor Navas is training with the rest of the team at UCLA, preparing the new season with Antonio Pintus, the physical trainer. The team is working very hard to arrive at the start of the season ready to achieve all the goals. The Costa Rican goalkeeper will defend Real Madrid goal one season more, apparently, and he wants to continue winning titles for Los Blancos.

The Costa Rican goalkeeper is very happy to train with the rest of the team one season more: “We are preparing ourselves at 100% and we are very happy for training every day and give all our effort. We are in the good way”, Keylor said to Real Madrid TV.

Keylor Navas spoke about the work they’re doing these days at the University of California. “We are doing a tough work because it’s the time where we can work all the aspects: charge, speed, work with different weights, jumps, hurdles, technique with the ball, aerial game. We try to work everything so when the season starts we’re at 100%”, the Costa Rican player explained.

The goalkeeper informed that they will repeat the process after the Winter holidays: “In December, after the holidays, another work plan is done. We put more charge, so we can arrive at the end of the season like the last one, where we had a great physical conditions”.

After this work, the idea is lifting many trophies, as they did last year. Keylor Navas wanted to explain the key factor to be successful in the next season: “We have to have the same humbleness we had until now. The team has conditions to achieve more titles and we’re going to fight for that. But we need to have humbleness and knowing that little by little we can improve to arrive until the end and obtain all the titles”, Keylor commented.