Kroos: Changing Team Was a Completely Correct Choice

Kroos: Changing Team Was a Completely Correct Choice


Toni Kroos travelled to Germany to join his national team to help them in their last two fixtures before the World Cup. The German side has already the ticket to Russia, so they are more focused on other issues. The Real Madrid footballer has spoken about his career with the German Federation and he said several interesting things about Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti or Zinedine Zidane.

He was asked about his signing for Real Madrid: “My change of team was correct, actually, from my point of view it was completely correct. Obviously, if you go to a superior foreign club it means a step forward in your development. Carlo Ancelotti wanted me in Madrid, he bet for me. The good start for a foreign player in a club like Real Madrid it was very important. Three years after the change I can make a positive balance”.

Kroos also spoke about the few injuries he’s having in his career: “It’s good that I can play strong and constantly, not only six months or one year but a long time period. If you have a look behind, since Jupp Heynckes arrival to Munich, I could constantly play at a very high level. It’s good that my body allows that. Many other players are stopped by the injuries”, Kroos said.

The midfielder was also questioned about Pep Guardiola: “I wouldn’t underestimate Pep Guardiola’s year because my level as a footballer gave a step forward. I see this in stages. Jupp was the most important coach in the first stages in my career, in Leverkusen and in Munich. Pep Guardiola put me as the central player in his formation. His formation was beneficial for my qualities. That year I grew up a lot as a footballer”.

Although Munich and Madrid are two different cities, he’s very happy in Spain: “The fact that my family feels fine it’s the most important thing. My wife, my son and I arrived well and from the last summer, after my daughter’s birth, we all live in Madrid. It’s quite normal that this is a huge change when you go to a foreign country with a young family – I was 24 and Jessica [his partner] 26-. We adapt ourselves fine after a period to become familiar with the city. Nowadays we are a normal family in Madrid, we can live a good life. Besides, I love the sun. I feel comfortable in my team. It’s important that my family likes Madrid and this gives me strength”.

Kroos also spoke about his current manager, Zinedine Zidane: “In first place, he gives me a lot of confidence. In these two years he’s counted on me in almost every game, especially in the important ones, although in the current football there are only important games. I feel his confidence. And he knows he can always trust me, I will always try to give everything to the team. We have a good relationship. The good relationship with the coach is important for every player”, Kroos finished.