Lucas Vázquez: “I Think Asensio Will Win the Golden Ball”

Lucas Vázquez: “I Think Asensio Will Win the Golden Ball”


Everybody is talking about Marco Asensio, the new idol of Real Madrid fans, after his great start of the season. Not only this month, but his since arrival he’s showing his skills and making the difference. His team mates see him differently and Lucas Vázquez has admitted that he thinks Asensio is a star: “He’s amazing. He’s showing a very high level and he still has to grow a lot. I hope we can enjoy him a lot of time. He’s very humble and received everything naturally. He’s going to be a star and he’ll win a Golden Ball, although is soon to tell”.

Lucas Vázquez spoke in an interview with the Spanish radiostation Cadena Ser after joining the Spanish national team because Vitolo was injured. The player didn’t expect the call: “I was in Madrid city centre. I had plans, but I’ll miss the trip for good. In this last call the quality of the players is very high. There is still time to the World Cup and we have to fight until the end”.

Lucas Vázquez will see most of his team mates at Real Madrid in the Spanish national team, including Asensio: “It shows our good moment. We have to take advantage of it and continue with this ambition. The quality is key for us. The team benefits. There is a great exigence and this allow us to compete. Our secret is that all the squad is focused. The one who plays, does it well”.

The winger was asked about the whistles Gareth Bale heard in the last game at home: “If someday Santiago Bernabéu crowd whistle me, I run”, he joked. “I’d work to change those whistles. Bernabéu is very exigent, all great players have been booed there. I think Bale is not affected. He’s a great player, he’s over that. He’ll work and change it”.

Despite not enjoying many minutes with Los Blancos, Lucas doesn’t think about leaving the club: “I am where I like to be. The most important thing is being here. I don’t think about leaving. I want to be as good as possible when the coach needs me. There were some things during the summer but there wasn’t a moment to decide yes or no. Since the beginning I was focused on Real Madrid. If I had a doubt I’d speak with Ramos. I speak a lot with Sergio, both professionally and personally”.

Lucas also spoke about the departure of two important players like James Rodríguez and Álvaro Morata: “Last year the level of the squad was amazing. There were 22 international footballers. A very high level. People who were my competitors left, but Ceballos and other players arrived”.

Finally, he spoke about FC Barcelona, the great rival: “We don’t like to compare ourselves with Barcelona in past years. We feel we are good, with confidence. We control the game, we have the ball to create spaces and score goals. We can play having the ball or with the counter-attack. We hope this form continues”, Lucas Vázquez finished.