Manchester United’s Tempting Offer to Gareth Bale

Manchester United’s Tempting Offer to Gareth Bale


Real Madrid are working hard to get Gareth Bale’s contract extended soon. The deal with the Welshman ends in 2019 and the club is trying to renovate until 2022. However, the negotiations are hard and now are getting even worse because Manchester United are tempting Gareth Bale.

Gareth Bale’s agent is asking around €17M per season to Real Madrid and the club doesn’t want to give as much money as this. Currently, important players of the squad such as Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema are earning around €10M and Los Blancos wouldn’t like to put Bale in a very different step in terms of salary. Bale is currently earning €6M per year and the idea of the club is rising the salary up to €10M.

However, there is an offer that could make more difficult the deal. Manchester United have offered €20M per year to Gareth Bale, according to the Spanish newspaper OKDiario. Red Devils offer could be tempting as Bale could play again in the Premier League and the Manchester side has now an interesting project with José Mourinho on board.

It’s not the first time that Manchester United come up with an offer to a player Real Madrid are negotiating with. One year ago, Los Blancos and Sergio Ramos were in talks to extend the contract. The negotiations went tough when the defender received a big offer from Manchester United but both the player and Real Madrid finally got an agreement and Sergio Ramos could stay in Madrid.

Gareth Bale has started really well the season and he knows it’s the right time to get a better deal. He was the star in the last Euro with Wales, reaching the semifinals for the first time in their history. In this new season, Bale has already scored two goals against Real Sociedad and he was also the best player with Wales against Moldova in the qualifying game for the Russian World Cup.


  1. Madrid have to do what ever they can to see Bale remain in santiago, we are the richest club, the best club, the club that every responsibe player want to play in. So I see no reason why you wold’nt maintaine him. Noura Adam From Kaduna Nigeria.