Marcelo’s importance in Real Madrid

Marcelo’s importance in Real Madrid


Real Madrid won once again in the last minutes against Valencia in the 35th week of the regular season. Los Blancos achieved the victory thanks to a goal from Marcelo when there was almost no minutes remaining. The Brazilian left back played a really good game and when it looked like the match was going to finish in a draw, Marcelo appeared in the last minutes and he scored a brilliant goal that gave the victory to his team. He is very important for the team and with the pass of the years his performance is improving being nowadays the best left back in the world.

Marcelo had a difficult week after El Clásico because he had a great oportutniy to stop Sergi Roberto’s run with a foul in the goal  Messi’s goal in the 92nd minute that gave the victory to Barcelona. The Brazilian left back is one of the best players in the team, and this is his 10th season with Real Madrid’s shirt. Nowadays he is one of the captains in Zidane’s side being a key player in the squad.

Marcelo is playing one of his best seasons since his arrival to Madrid from Brasil and with yesterday’s performance he has shown once again that he is very important in the team despite he plays as defender. We must add that Marcelo doesn’t have any natural substitute in the squad, being a player who has played a lot of games during the season. He is one of the most used players of Zidane during the season. Marcelo has played 2097 minutes in La Liga, 270 in La Copa and 731 minutes in Champions League. The french manager has always said that Marcelo is very important for the team because he has a great personality and a very good relationship with the rest of his teammates, being a player who all manager wants to have in his team.