Pepe’s Worst Farewell to Real Madrid

Pepe’s Worst Farewell to Real Madrid


Pepe is living his last days as Real Madrid player. 10 years later is time to say goodbye to all the fans, although this is not how the footballer wanted to finish his time with Los Blancos. The defender wants to extend his contract with the club, at least two years, but Florentino Pérez is not willing to agree with this deal. So the 30th of June, he won’t be tied with a contract with Real Madrid.

Despite we are in the week of the final of the Champions League, these are not happy days for Pepe. The footballer has always said that he wanted to stay at Real Madrid and he’ll wait until the end for a decision. However, the decision has been made and the club won’t offer a two-years deal to Pepe, so the footballer has to leave the Spanish capital.

The 34-years-old player can still sign his last good contract as a footballer. His willingness is to stay in Madrid, where he’s the captain and he’s lived the last 10 years of his life. He’s very comfortable in the Spanish capital and he’s become one of the most beloved players of the squad by the supporters.

Pepe will have to look at this point for a new club. It will be very easy for him. He could earn a lot of money at the end of his career in China or he could stay in Europe and play in a top-flight club. For instance, Inter Milan would like to sign him, so Pepe won’t have any trouble to find a new club.

After 10 years with Los Blancos, Pepe would have loved to say goodbye to the Real Madrid fans. He couldn’t do it in the last game at Santiago Bernabéu against Sevilla, where he wasn’t in the list with little physical problems. Hopefully, if Real Madrid win the Champions League, there will be a party in the stadium, so he could have his farewell.

Pepe has played 13 games in La Liga this season and he has scored two goals. Only in the season 2009/10 he played less minutes than in the current one. His last game was in the derby against Atlético Madrid, when he scored a goal and he got injured in the ribs. Pepe has been one of the best defenders in Real Madrid history and he should have a good and deserved farewell.