Real Madrid ‘to offer 8 million euros for Andrea Pirlo’

Real Madrid ‘to offer 8 million euros for Andrea Pirlo’


Real Madrid is willing to offer Juventus eight million euros to sign veteran midfielder Andrea Pirlo, according to Italian sports website Tuttomercatoweb.

Reports say Carlo Ancelotti, who already coached Pirlo at Milan, would have asked Florentino Perez to bring in the 34-year old. Tuttomercatoweb claims Florentino Perez has offered Juventus eight million, but the Azzurri wouldn’t consider any transfer for less than ten million.

Ancelotti would like to reinforce with this signing the creative centre-half position, since only Luka Modric has that same profile in the squad. Pirlo confessed a few days ago he could have signed for Los Blancos when he was playing at Milan, but those Real Madrid transfer rumours didn’t become true.

Although he is in the twilight of his career, Pirlo is stick considered by many to be one of the stand out players in European football. He won the Seria A title with Juventus this year, and was one of the players of the tournament for Italy in the European Championship last summer. He memorably scored a chipped penalty as his nation defeated England in last eight of the competition.


  1. Real Madrid wasting time let go higuain and sign Gareth bale and either Suarez or lewondoski
    Or that young RomanIan midfielder nicsiuor stanciu
    Wtf u want old ass pirlo for stupse I should be the manager for this club.
    The only proper signing for the club so for to me was isco
    All the rest or a waste of money
    All the good players are being snatched up (cavani, navas etc.) Even try to sign Hulk
    I hope u read this comment and think

    • Hi Devin, thanks for your comment. Here at we don’t have a say in who the club buys and sells. We you provide you with the latest news, transfer rumours, match reports and opinion pieces. We are sure the management team and directors at the club itself have done their homework on who to buy. The club is in safe hands! Take care, and thanks for reading our site.

          • I am a madrista and I am big fan of the maestro Pirlo. But that being said, its a lose-lose situation if the deal goes through. Illaramendi, khedira, Alonso and Modric(although he plays in that position part time) is more than enough to cover the defensive midfielder positions in most likely 4-2-3-1.

            The way forward is to sell Kaka and Higuain(though I prefer Benzema to be sold). Bring in Zlatan for a year, Loan morata & Jese for a year.

      • How did u said that man? We r all madrista!
        Is that not right to saying anything abt transfer…
        We all know that Madrid team on a safe hand..
        But sometimes they toke wrong decision,don’t u agree?
        pls u just tell us that the safe hand see ur post or not,
        If they don’t then pls find out a wAy to seeing them our posts..pls

    • Are you being serious right now? By saying that Carvajal was a waste of money you are making yourself seem as a person who doesn’t know anything about football. He is a great prospect and was one of the best right backs in the bundesliga last season and we paid 6.5 million euros euros to bring him back and fix our right back problem. Casemiro was another signing for the future for only 6 million. Although we do over pay for illarramendi, he is what made Real Soceidad do so well last year in la liga, they only won one game out of the six games without him. He was also one of the best players in the U-21 championship this year and had a pass percentage of 95%. Well have a good day sir.

      • Very true. The plastic fan above (Devin) has been too caught up with the Galacticos era or has been playing too much FIFA. For the coming season, we don’t need Bale at all. Depending on the setup of formation Ancelotti chooses, Isco could well be playing at the wings, sharing minutes with di Maria. Don’t forget we still have Jese Rodriguez.

    • All those fans who say we need Bale this season are wrong. We don’t need him because we have di Maria and Jese Rodriguez covering that position. Depending on how Ancelotti’s formation is set up, we can also see Isco playing at the wings too.

  2. guys go ahead sign pirlo- the best at his kind…hes old but surely 10m millions for his expierience is nothing to madrid…………..experience and is still the best. take a look @ juventus record and italys(in the past 2 years),still remember italy at confeds or europe – love to see him next to xabi alonso for a year or so…….let the youngsters learn and go for it madrid……will be the most influencial buy yet………….HE IS IN ZIDANES CLASS(free kicks,tactical progression,alertness,long pass and short pass)

  3. You Don’t need bale ? Nice words but think with your heads if u don’t sign bale now maybe u will never sign him … and what if he joins someother club like , PSG , Monako , City , or so on… i think that Di Maria ( + cash ) will be enough for him + formation will be so nice if he signs (bale) and if he rolls 4-3-3

    Ronaldo,Bale,Higuai/Benzema or ( Suarez )

  4. well everybody with is own choice,if we look critically, we need Gareth Bale,Zlatan ibrahimovic. if Sergio Augero wish to come to madrid no issue, but i prefer Robert Lewandowski than Luis Suarez .if Fabio Coentrao wish to leave he can we need to bring a very good defender.Aslo if madrid think Andrea Pirlo is necessary in team ok.hurry for signing because we need to proved to world that we are the best.this season we must beat baracelona home and way.All these players mention are fantastic

  5. Hahaha suarez pffff. Bale ppfff, you don t need those players. Sell higuain and benzema? Why? They are good players and score goals a lot.