Real Madrid deny Gareth Bale’s back injury reports

Real Madrid deny Gareth Bale’s back injury reports


Real Madrid have published an official statement to end the rumours of Gareth Bale having a hernia and two disc protrusions in his back. Spanish sports newspaper Marca publishes today that Real’s medical staff diagnosed the injury the day Bale passed his medical tests.

However, the club claims that information “is completely false”, although they admit the Welshman “has a small chronic disc bulge” which is not a serious injury and doesn’t prevent him “from carrying out his professional activity normally”.

Here is Real Madrid’s statement:

In response to the information that the newspaper Marca has published today regarding the player Gareth Bale, Real Madrid would like to state the following:

1. The information published, claiming that the player has a slipped disc on the L5-S1 vertebrae and a bulge on two others, is completely false.

2. The player does not have a slipped disc, as the club’s medical services stated clearly to the newspaper before the information was published. Surprisingly, the version the doctors offered this media outlet on Thursday 10 October has been omitted.

3. The player Gareth Bale has a small chronic disc bulge, which is extremely common among football players and by no means prevents him from carrying out his professional activity normally.

Marca suggested Bale could need surgery in the future, but if the player only has a small chronic disc bulge that will not be necessary.

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