Top 10 sexiest Real Madrid WAGs

Top 10 sexiest Real Madrid WAGs

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Real Madrid wifes and girlfriends are among the most beautiful of European football without any doubt. In the past few years, the Santiago Bernabeu VIP box has hosted some of the most aclaimed international models and stars.

Although some of them, such as Irina Shayk and Adriana Karembeu are no longer in this group, Real Madrid WAGs are still everyone’s object of looks in the stands of the Los Blancos stadium.

Here at Real Madrid news we have made our list of the top 10 most attractive players’ WAGs. Check out our ranking and leave your comments to let us know if you agree with us:

10. Macarena Rodriguez

Macarena-RodriguezLucas Vazquez’s girlfriend is one of the latest beauties to have arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu. Maca is a 26-year-old Spanish Physical Education graduate who loves sports. She is quite good at tennis, as she played it for years. The couple met in 2012 through Macarena’s younger sister, who is in a relationship with Los Blancos youth product, goalkeeper Andres Prieto. Maca is the typical Spanish attractive brunette and she has caught everyone’s attention at the Bernabeu stands.

9. Carlota Ruiz Saques

This 31-year-old blonde left her career as a teacher and speech therapist to follow her husband Alvaro Arbeloa through Zaragoza, La Coruna, Liverpool and Madrid. They met as teenagers, when she was also a player in an amateur women’s football team. They got married in 2009 and have two kids: Alba and Raul. The couple are deeply in love, and Arbeloa shows it everytime he speaks of her: “I feel very lucky to have met her. You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your partner and I feel very fortunate to have her.”

8. Victoria Calderon Montanez

Isco’s girlfriend is a natural Andalusian beauty from Malaga. She might not be a top model, but everyone turns around to admire her shine and magnetism. They met when the midfielder was playing in Malaga and they moved together to Madrid. In 2014, they had a child named Francisco, like his father. Victoria is one of the most discreet Real Madrid WAGs and barely appears in gossip magazines and tabloids.

7. Anna Mariana Casemiro

Anna-Mariana-CasemiroAnna Mariana is one of the few Los Blancos wifes to have taken her husband’s surname after the wedding. She’s a 25-year-old make-up artist from Brazil. After just one month of relationship, she moved with Casemiro to Spain, and they have been together ever since. They got married in June 2014 and they still have no children despite the midfielder having confessed he wants to “have a lot of kids with her.” Anna Mariana’s Brazilian roots make her one of the most genuinely attractive WAGs.

6. Camille Tytgat

Camille-TytgatNobody knows much about this spectacular blonde who has recently married Raphael Varane. She barely goes out and has scarcely visited the Santiago Bernabeu, but when she does, all the cameras focus on her. She is a 21-year-old law student. They met at secondary school in France and when Varane had the chance of joining Real Madrid she didn’t hesitate in following him. The got married in France last June.

5. Pilar Rubio

Pilar-RubioPilar is one of the most famous Real Madrid WAGs, at least in Spain. She works as TV presenter and has earned great success in Spanish television in the last few years. Her eyes are simply spectacular, and thanks to them she has been consistently at the top of the rankings of most attractive Spanish women. No wonder why so many Spanish men envy Sergio Ramos. The defender met Pilar during the celebrations of the 2012 European Championship victory and they quickly fell in love. They had their first child, Sergio Jr., in 2014, and Pilar is pregnant again expecting another boy.

4. Emma Rhys-Jones

Emma-Rhys-Jones-Gareth-BaleWhen Gareth Bale arrived at Madrid, many were amazed when they saw the beautiful young Welsh brunette that accompanied him. Emma is a 24-year-old hairdresser from Cardiff. She and Gareth grew up together and they’ve been dating since school, when they were just a couple of teenagers. She moved to London with him when he joined Tottenham and then moved to Madrid. They are engaged, although not yet married, and they have a little girl called Alba Violet.

3. Andrea Salas

The top-3 of our list is full with professional models, and the first of them is Andrea Salas. This spectacular 29-year-old beauty is the wife of Keylor Navas, and one of Costa Rica’s most desired women. She was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2006 and was tempted to become a Playboy girl, but she declined the offer. Her green eyes are simply divine. She married the Los Blancos goalkeeper in 2009. She has one daughter from a previous relationship and had a son with Keylor Navas in 2014.

2. Analicia Chaves

Analicia-ChavesAnalicia is without a doubt the most explosive players’ girlfriend in La Liga. Searching her name on Google Images can drive any man mad, especially since she takes any occasion to share the most suggestive pictures on Instagram and Twitter. She is a 25-year-old model who has recently started a relationship with Karim Benzema. Her family is from Portugal and Cape Verde, although she grew up in the United States. The result from that mix is simply explosive. Before dating Benzema, she was the girlfriend of Belgium international Axel Witsel.

1. Izabel Andrijanic

Izabel-Andrijanic-wagPerhaps a few others also deserve the first position in this ranking, but we have chosen Izabel Andrijanic because her natural beauty has no match. She is the girlfriend of Mateo Kovacic and despite having just arrived at Madrid, she has rapidly become the fans’ favourite. This 20-year-old Croatian blonde of Swiss roots is the youngest of all Los Merengues WAGs. She has put her Economics studies on hold to start a career as a model, and there is no wonder she will have plenty of success. The couple met at a church when they were teenagers and have been together ever since. They are both young and talented and hope to earn a great success in their new life in Madrid.