Top 5 tips to win consistently at sports betting

Top 5 tips to win consistently at sports betting

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It’s no news that online casino betting and sports betting are by very nature are highly risky endeavours. They should be purely considered as forms of entertainment, because quite frankly, you’re not likely to change your life by playing online poker, slots or blackjack. However, if done sensibly and through reliable online betting sites (for instance the ones reviewed at, you can enjoy playing your favourite casino games – and make a little extra pocket cash too!

Let’s take Ronaldo’s ban for instance; no one expected the Portuguese to be handed that sort of harsh penalty. The latest is that his appeal (for overturning the five-game ban) has been rejected by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Such events can really put a spanner in your works, and are things you can’t really plan for! However, what you can definitely do is follow some basic tips to keep yourself covered under any circumstances!

Let’s go over the top 5 points you must keep in mind to win consistently at sports betting.

Know the game inside out

Knowing that a football team lost/won five of its last six games isn’t enough, you should also know whether it played defensively or offensively. Did the players really play well, or was it just a matter of luck?!

Which tennis player isn’t getting along with his/her coach? That golfer may be having a great run this season, but what’s his track record on a particular course?

You must know all such details in order to place well-informed sports bets, and to locate good-value betting markets.

Favourites don’t always win

Although ‘favourites don’t always win’ may sound like a reasonable statement, punters often find it hard to ignore the prices set by the bookmakers. For instance, regardless of the fact that Rafael Nadal is the undisputed King of Clay (you can read more on that here at, he lost to Fabio Fognini not too long ago at the Barcelona open. Bookmakers had overlooked the fact that the latter had beaten Rafa on clay a few months earlier. And considering that Fognini (you can read more about him at had a fairly good record of beating top seeds, his 8/1 price set by bookies proved highly profitable for any well-informed bettor.

Nadal Australia

Shop around for the best price

Brand loyalty is a very important thing in sports betting business. As there’s cutthroat competition among the bookmakers, they often go out of their way to keep their regular customers with them and them alone. It’s important that you don’t fall for all those special offers and/or loyalty schemes. You must make it a point to shop around for the best prices.

Check the prices offered by different bookmakers for the markets you are interested in. For instance, the most popular betting market in football – first goalscorer – is something that you can always get a better deal elsewhere.

Never indulge in big accumulators

It’s very important that you stay away from big accumulators unless you’re absolutely sure about your selections. In general, it’s always better to include only a few selections (no more than 3 or 4) in your bet. Please note, bookmakers lose maximum money on the singles. If your research is good enough, you can feel relatively confident betting £ 10 of £ 15 on just one single selection.

Never get emotional in sports betting
Who doesn’t want his/her favourite team to win? As much you may want your favourite team/player to win, you shouldn’t let your love cloud your judgement. Bookies love such blinded approach taken by casual sports bettors as it helps them rake in millions of dollars in every match/game.