Xavi Hernández underestimates Real Madrid again

Xavi Hernández underestimates Real Madrid again

Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez - STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

Xavi Hernández was one of the key players in the Barcelona golden era, winning four Champions League. Now he is almost retired, playing in Qatar but he always keeps a close eye around Spanish football.

He’s looking forward to the Champions League final. Obviously he is supporting Atlético de Madrid because “they deserve it for the work they are doing”. He thinks “this is the moment of Atlético de Madrid”.

He also mentioned the Lisbon final and he thinks that “football always gives you a second chance. Now is the moment for Atlético de Madrid”.

However, Xavi Hernández also highlighted the experience of Real Madrid: “In historic terms, Real Madrid could be a little bit favourite because they have more experience playing finals. You have to keep this in mind but I think Atlético will win the trophy”, he said in an interview with the organizers of Qatar World Cup.


  1. It is obvious that Barcelona will not support Real Madrid as we will also do the same, however, the final whistle will tell and Ronaldo will score.

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