Zidane: We are going for the third Champions League In a Row

Zidane: We are going for the third Champions League In a Row


After closing a preseason without victories, Zidane did an interview to the UEFA where he spoke about the season that will begin in a few days, and the successes of the previous one, where Los Blancos won La Liga and their second Champions League in a row for first time in all Champions League history.

The French manager started the interview talking about the ambition of the team for next season: “We are in a very ambitious club. We all know where we are and after a great season, where we won two big title, we will try to do the same in the next one. We want to continue winning trophies“, Zidane affimed.

Los Blancos will have next week the European Super Cup against Manchester United and the French manager seemed very excited with the clash:” It’s an official game. It’s the first one we are going to have and we know it’s importance. The idea is to be fit and ready for August 8 and we are in the good way”, he said about the European Super Cup against United.

Last season, Los Blancos started the season with several doubts, and with the pass of the games, the team managed by Zidane improved their performance winning the two big titles of the season:” We started the season winning the Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla, then the Club World Cup, and that it helps, because in the league we started also well. The key was that we arrived to the end of the season very fit. In fact, in the second half of the Champions League we proved it being in a very high level. It was a show”, Zidane said about last season performance.

The interviewer asked Zidane if they are capable of winning the Champions League for third time in a row:” Of course we are capable. We are going for the third Champions League in a row“, he affirmed


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