Zidane: I would never train Barcelona

Zidane: I would never train Barcelona


Zinedine Zidane spoke at press conference the day before Real Madrid will face Alavés in the 29th week of the regular season at Santiago Bernabéu. The French manager highlighted the number of games they will play on April, he also answered Piqué, he spoke about which team he will not train, their opponent and other important topics.

Zinedine Zidane started the press conference talking about tomorrow’s rival, Alavés:” They are a very good squad. The won at Camp Nou and tied against Atlético Madrid at Vicente Calderón. It’s a team that are playing really good and they are very difficult to win. We are ready for the match because we had time to prepare it”, the French manager said about Alavés.

Piqué spoke last week about Real Madrid values and this is what the French manage thinks about the interview:” I only think in tomorrow’s match, but I can say that Real Madrid are a very serious team and a big club. We are interested in tomorrow’s game. I know what is our image and no one will discuss it, no matter how much you speak, it will not change”, Zidane said about Pique’s interview.

Raúl will return to the club and this is what Zidane thinks about Real Madrid’s legend:” I’m very happy with his return because he can be and do something important in this club. I don’t know when he will return but this is his house. I would never train Barcelona either. You already have the cover for tomorrow.

Real Madrid must play 9 games in 28 days and Zinedine Zidane is doing several changes in the line-up thinking in the difficult month they will have:”I must do some changes because we have nine games in 28 days and I need all the squad available. We are really for the final stretch”, the French manger affirmed.