Zinedine Zidane: I can triumph at Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane: I can triumph at Real Madrid


Zinedine Zidane has claimed that despite having a difficult task he believes he will be able to triumph at Real Madrid. In an interview with GQ magazine the Los Blancos manager analysed his first weeks as the first team coach.

“As a manager I think I always know what the players need, the moments they need me to be there for them. The simple fact of staying by their side is enough, and there is no need to say many words to solve certain problems. Sometimes for communicating effectively you just have to be silent, and that I can do well,” Zidane said.

Asked about his chances of triumphing at Real Madrid, the Frenchman confessed: “I know what I want. It is difficult, but I can do it.”

The former Los Merengues player also spoke about his current state of form: “My body is not what it used to be. If I force myself more than usual, I suffer. When I play a game, even if it’s an exhibition, everything hurts and it’s hard to recover. But I don’t have any problems with my age. I’ve never had complexes about my hair, and I know myself too well.”

Asked about his retirement, Zidane admitted he could have played two more years. “But I knew I could lack the adrenalin of big games, and I made that decision,” he explained.