Keylor Navas: I Want to Fight Against Everybody

Keylor Navas: I Want to Fight Against Everybody


Keylor Navas is enjoying his holidays in his home country, Costa Rica, ready to join Real Madrid in a few weeks to prepare the next season. The goalkeeper is very happy because he can train from the beginning this year and travel with his colleagues to the United States for the pre-season tour. Last season, he was injured and that prevented him for playing in the first months of competition.

The goalkeeper knows that there are a lot of rumours about new signings in his role, but he’s not afraid of De Gea or Donnarumma: “I’m very calm, really. I’m focus on what I can do, so I work to try to earn a spot with my colleagues. I only think about working and winning titles, but enjoying the day a day. […] I have two great colleagues and I’ll always fight against everybody, a loyal fight. I will never ask for something, because I never asked or need it. Whoever comes, I’m going to give everything, like I always did”, Keylor Navas said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper MARCA.

The Costa Rican player is already looking forward to the next season: “We’ve enjoyed a lot the Champions League, but we have now a pre-season and we have to work a lot. At Real Madrid we need to think about winning everything always. Liga, Champions, Copa del Rey… We want everything and hopefully at the end of the next season we could be as happy as we are now”.

However, the last season wasn’t easy for Keylor Navas (Read here Keylor Navas performance in the season): “Especially because of the injury. I had a very complicated injury and that affected me a bit. Then, there were a lot of factors that I had to fight against, but I keep the good memories at the end. We had three great months at the end and I stay with that”.

He also had to face several criticism after some mistakes during the season: “People will always talk about me, I cannot avoid that. In that moments I stick with God and my family. I tried to train well and make an effort. And I told myself that I had to keep enjoying, because when someone stops having fun is because he’s in a bad position”, Keylor Navas admits.

Finally, he had very kind words for Zinedine Zidane: “I’m very thankful to Zidane, I’ll always be. He gave me a lot of confidence and during the not great times he had always be there. Everything that happened this year and the last one, I owed it to him and I’m very grateful. There are no words to thanks what he’s done. When someone is in a difficult moment, if the manager gives you this confidence and tells you to be calm, it’s very important”.