Marcelo: The ball just didn’t go in

Marcelo: The ball just didn’t go in


Real Madrid defender Marcelo Viera regreted Los Blancos missed chances against Malaga, that caused his team to drop two points and lose the first position in La Liga.

“We wanted to earn all points. We tried every possible way, through the wings, through the middle, in corner kicks… But the ball just didn’t go in,” he said after the match.

“It is not a matter of Cristiano scoring or not. We are not worried about that. It wasn’t just Cristiano. The ball just didn’t go in. Jese, Modric, Isco and Benzema also had chances, and Malaga’s goalkeeper saved everything,” he added.

Asked about the role of the referee, who disallowed two Real Madrid goals, Marcelo excused his mistakes: “Referees can fail, just like us. I’m not the one to jugde who has failed and who hasn’t.”

The Brazil international also blamed fatigue for the dropped points: “When you play as hard as you can, it is normal to be tired. We’ve played many games in a very tough week. We run a lot in Bilbao and you could tell it today. I feel fine and and I’m here to do what the manager asks of me.”