Robert Lewandowsky won’t be sold to Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowsky won’t be sold to Bayern Munich


Robert Lewandowsky could be closer to signing for Real Madrid after Borussia Dortmund’s president Hans-Joachinn Watzke has confirmed in an interview to Bild that the striker “will definitely not go to Bayern Munich in 2013”.

The Polish forward main choice was playing for Bayern, things have taken a different path. “That he told us he wants to leave a few weeks ago is legitimate, but equally legitimate is when we point out our position with the current contract”, Watzke said.

“We have communicated to the player and his advisers that we will not allow a transfer to Bayern. This is final”, he added.

Now, Lewandowsky has two options: staying at Dortmund for one more season and leaving next year, when his contract expires, or leaving to a Premier League or La Liga club.

The teams that have shown a bigger interest in signing the Polish international are Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Sources have reported that Dortmund would consider any offer from a foreign club if it is above 30 million euros. Otherwise, they would keep the player in their squad one more season.