Is Real Madrid really thinking in signing Thibaut Courtois?

Is Real Madrid really thinking in signing Thibaut Courtois?


Some reporters are linking again Thibaut Courtois with Real Madrid. The Belgian goalkeeper has been always a target for Real Madrid, especially when he was playing at Atlético de Madrid, but now the position seem covered.

Real Madrid has now two really good goalkeepers. Keylor Navas and Kiko Casilla has shown that both are really fit to defend the Los Blancos goal. The Costa Rican born season has been especially outstanding and thanks to him, the club was fighting for two major titles until the end of the season.

However, reporters are linking Thibaut Courtois with Real Madrid, according to The Sun. The Belgian goalkeeper is a bit disappointed with The Blues season as he expected to fight for titles when he moved to Stamford Bridge.

The transfer wouldn’t be cheap. Courtois is valued with 80M € for Roman Abramovich and, if Real Madrid wants to sign him, it’d be a really difficult move.
Courtois won the Premier League title in his first season at The Bridge with José Mourinho playing 32 games in the season. This year he only played 23 Premier League games in a disastrous season for the West London club.


  1. U neglect to mention mr. Courtois himself is at least partially responsible for chelsea’s poor season. His performances have been well below what a GK at this level should be. Peter cech he is not abd orobably never will be. He badky needs to have a good look at his own form before wondering why his club have slipped so far behind the rest. Let me spell it out for u thibaut NO CL FOOTBALL IS AS MUCH YOUR FAULT AS ANYBODY ELSE AT THE CLUB! Fact!

    Real madrid DONT want u! Dont kid yourself!