Match Report Real Madrid 2-1 Valencia: Marcelo saves Los Blancos in the...

Match Report Real Madrid 2-1 Valencia: Marcelo saves Los Blancos in the last minutes


Real Madrid won 2-1 in the 35th week of the regular season against Valencia at Santiago Bernabéu. This was a very tough game because the team managed by Voro has only lost one of their last five games in Real Madrid’s stadium. Los Blancos suffered during the match, but with Marcelo’s goal in the last minutes they could achieve another victory in La Liga.

Zinedine Zidane decided to introduce his favourite line-up despite they have an important clash on Tuesday against Atlético Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals. The French manager introduced James instead of Isco or Asensio in the attack and Nacho was Sergio Ramos pair instead of Varane in the defense.

Valencia had the first chance of the game in the first minute where Sergio Ramos did a mistake in the defense and Santi Mina had a great opportunity to open the scoreboard but the ball finished in the bar. Zinedine Zidane always says that he likes when his players begin the match with intensity but in this case Los Blancos started the game with certain doubts. James was being the best player of Los Blancos in the first 20 minutes, being the playmaker who connected the midfield with the attack. In the the 27th minute Real Madrid scored the first goal of the clash with a great header of Cristiano Ronaldo from a wonderful cross of Carvajal. After Cristiano’s goal it looked like Los Blancos were going to control the game but they were having problems to pass the ball in the midfield because Valencia were defending really good without letting spaces between the defense and the midfield.

Real Madrid started the second half better than the first one and in the first minutes Los Blancos had a great chance to open the gap from a penalty kick but Cristiano Ronaldo missed it or Diego Alves prevented it with a good safe. In the 65th minute Zidane decided to introduce Asensio by James Rodríguez, who was being one of the most active players on the pitch. Valencia grew with the pass of the minutes and Zidane had to do his second change replacing Benzema by Morata. The French striker had some opportunities to score his goal but he didn’t have his best game with the white shirt. In the last minutes of the game Real Madrid were searching their second goal with some good chances of Crsitano and Morata, but Parejo tied the game with a precise free kick, unstoppable for Keylor Navas. These were very bad news for the team managed by Zinedine Zidane because it was the 82nd minute. Once again when there was only five minutes remaining, Marcelo scored the second goal with a great right footed shot. The Brazilian left back appeared in the last minutes showing that he is a great moment in the send of the season.

Los Blancos won once again in the last minutes and now they must focus on Tuesday’s match against Atlético Madrid. The team managed by Zinedine Zidane suffered against Valencia but finally they achieved the three point with a goal of Marcelo, when there was only five minutes remaining.