Mauricio Pochettino’s Lessons

Mauricio Pochettino’s Lessons


Real Madrid players were warned before travelling to London of the quality of Tottenham footballers and the quality of the team. The Spurs made a great game at Santiago Bernabéu, controlling the game for several minutes and the finish off the task at Wembley, where they were much better than the rival. A lot of this credit we should give it to Mauricio Pochettino.

Eriksen, Dele Alli or Harry Kane highlighted at Wembley, but they are all products of his coach. Real Madrid scouters know Mauricio Pochettino very well because he was on the list of possible Real Madrid coach when he was working at Espanyol, between 2009 and 2012. He could have been Mourinho’s replacement, but Pochettino was still very young and Real Madrid discarded him and signed Carlo Ancelotti, whereas Mauricio went to the Premier League.

He arrived in January 2013 to Southampton without speaking English and with a translator, something that arouse a lot of criticism. However, his football was superb, with some interesting players like Jay Rodríguez, Shaw, Schneiderlin or Wanyama, now in bigger clubs.

In 2014 he signed for Tottenham and his performances were getting better and better. For instance, in the last two season, the Spurs were the team getting more points in the Premier League, but they couldn’t touch silverware.

Pochettino is a genius working with the youngsters, and he’s been able to give confidence to Harry Kane or Dele Alli, who was playing for MK Donks only two seasons ago. During this time, the Spurs are not spending a lot of money in signings, more worried in building a new stadium, but the coach is able to make profitable these signings and work with the youngsters.

The result is a great team that was able to beat Real Madrid at Wembley. Could Pochettino be the next coach of Real Madrid?


  1. Not a chance that Pochettino will leave Spurs anytime soon. The man has a project at Spurs which he is very keen to see it through to completion and has said so on numerous occassions. He is building a hugely impressive team in his image and as a result, attracting attention from the vultures. The man doesnt only have class, charm and charisma but more importantly “intergrity” which is something very sadly lacking in football today. Real Madrid are well know at attempting any trick in the book to get players and managers and I’m sure the charm offensive will begin in earnest if it hasnt already started by the Madrid press. It would be extremely pleasing if approached by these people, the hierarchy at Spurs tell them to FO in no uncertain terms. Of course, the papers will continue to write that Spurs sold Modric and Bale to Real Madrid but times at Spurs vastly very different then. It also has to be said that both those players wanted to leave. Pochettino does not want to leave Spurs and neither does any of the major players who have all bought into his Philosophy. The urchins in the press both home and abroad are paid to write stories real of fictional and sadly, the vast majority are better suited to writing stories for comic books which appeals to the uneducated and ignorant.