Real Madrid Rejects Manchester United Bid for a Striker

Real Madrid Rejects Manchester United Bid for a Striker

Álvaro Morata

Álvaro Morata’s future is the most uncertain one in the Real Madrid squad. The player said after winning the 12th Champions League trophy that he would like to stay in the capital. However, some other sources say that he has already signed a contract with AC Milan to become the star of the Italian club.

The Spanish forward is now focused with the national team because Spain will face Colombia and Macedonia. After that, Morata will be on holidays and he will get married in Italy. One of the main reasons for leaving Spain, actually, could be his future wife, who is Italian. So this is another reason to choose Italy as the next destination.

Morata has a lot of offers to leave Real Madrid, but the club is trying to convince the Spaniard to stay. Zinedine Zidane also wants him to stay in the squad because he’s a very important person and he should have even more minutes in the following seasons. But Morata is impatient and he could decide to leave now to be the star in his next team.

According to Sky Italia, Real Madrid have rejected the first bid for Morata. This offer comes from Manchester United, who bid €60M for the striker. Real Madrid would like to get at least €90M, so they’ve turn down this offer. The Red Devils are trying to get a striker in the market, but Antoine Griezmann or Álvaro Morata seemed to reject their bids.

It won’t be easy for Milan to convince Real Madrid and Álvaro Morata. The Italian team wanted to offer €60M, but they know now that Los Blancos expect more money for the striker. Besides, Milan won’t play the Champions League, so Morata won’t be able to win again the European trophy next season.

Morata said publicly that he would like to stay with Los Blancos. However, the rumours about his future continue to rise and he might end up leaving the club. It would be a huge mistake both for Real Madrid and the player.