Sergio Ramos Criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo for Complaining about the Squad

Sergio Ramos Criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo for Complaining about the Squad


The captain of Real Madrid has to speak when the things are not going well. Sergio Ramos always shows up, he doesn’t hide behind other footballers and he has the personality to disagree with Cristiano Ronaldo in public. The defender spoke about Real Madrid situation, the squad and the problems of the team in the radio station Cadena Ser.

Some days ago, Cristiano said that last season Los Blancos had a better squad, with Morata, James or Pepe: “I don’t agree with Cristiano about the squad being weaker. I think it’s an opportunist opinion. Nobody thought that when we won the Supercups. I don’t miss anybody. We’ve won everything we the players we have. The squad changed, but some players add something and others other things”, Sergio Ramos explained.

He also talked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s problems with the goal: “If he doesn’t celebrate Isco’s goals… everyone can like it or not. I know him for many years and I know about his ambition and when he goes home sad. Perhaps it’s not the best, it could be. Some of us don’t like it. I don’t care who scores, even if it’s Keylor scoring… But it’s true that Cristiano has other role, others goals like the Golden Ball… but he gives us a lot and we cannot be angry”.

The defender also spoke about the crisis in the team: “Real Madrid are results. We had a bad run in the Champions League and La Liga, but we shouldn’t turn on the alarms. We have to learn and keep improving. We left important points but the way is very long and we will recover and we will be lucky in front of the goal. This is not a physical problem, the data is there. It’s true that we had important injuries with Bale, Carvajal… We cannot blame any player for the lack of goals, they will arrive”.

The captain also spoke about the possibility of winning La Liga: “We can comeback. Seeing how is La Liga and the level of the teams is always better. Every day is more difficult to beat the rivals. We are hopeful to shorten the gap, go back to our reliability. We have also to take in consideration the Clásicos”.

Finally, Sergio Ramos spoke about Zidane as a coach: “The talent he had as a player he kept it as a coach. He learnt from Ancelotti how to handle the dressing room and then the rotations… nobody relied on this and it went well. And also how close he’s with the players. How to handle a squad is not about the tactics, but about the dressing room. If a manager gives you, you are pushed to give him”, the captain explained.